Win Joomla! commercial templates and extensions for free

Win commercial Joomla 3 templates and components for free.
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Free commercial templates and extensions you say? Well not exactly you need little bit of knowledge for this. After all this is contest but it will be fun. Come and check all details in this article.

Let us build something here. From time to time we all seek something on the web and don’t you find infuriating when you need manual or tip of any kind related to your search but you do not find it or even worse you find but it is not complete.

Then we fix our problem and do we ever bother to go to that place and write: Hey here it is this is complete manual! Share it so it can save someone else. , truth is we do not.

We have other things to worry and no time to spare. Also why would we be helping someone when we do not get anything in return.

As people say:  You put Thank you in your pocket and it falls out.

But let us make things productive and profitable! At least for Joomla! You post manuals and tutorials and we reward you, simple as that. Only thing you need is knowledge related to Joomla and 15 minutes of your time 5 times per week. We will do our part and reward you for that with premium commercial templates and extensions for Joomla cms.

So when someone searches for something related to Joomla! you can proudly say that your manual or tutorial helped that person and it will feel good, on the other side your effort will be rewarded by us.

To be able to participate to our contest you need to registered member of our site.

To register click on this link.

After registration is complete you need to apply to contest by replying to topic on our forum dedicated to contest and selecting what topics you want to write about when your participation is approved.

Click here to visit forum topic for applying

The reason for activating this contest is to activate users on our site to be active and help people on the web to find proper manuals and tutorials for Joomla. We can write them but that is not the point of this contest. Let us help Joomla! users and earn some sweet stuff only with your knowleage! 

Rules for weekly contest

For 7 days in week you need to publish 5 manuals or anything useful for Joomla! users. Manuals, tutorial, tips need to be related to Joomla! 3.X and upcoming Joomla! 4.X series. You have plenty of subjects to choose from.

Your texts needs to be published in section Free Support 

Your text will not be accepted if it is done by other member participating in contest. For example you have published manual how to add Google Analytics to Joomla website and if that topic already exists it will not be counted at the end of the week. There is an exception to this rule if your topic is better than other one it will be used and approved instead.

Your text must contain minimum 350 words and must be complete. You can use any media you feel will improve your manual like images code examples and similar.

Manual must be related to Joomla 3.x and upcoming Joomla 4.x series 

Do not test us and copy manuals from the net. We will know and remove you from contest.

At the end of the week administrators will check your topics and your weekly rewards will be delivered. Simple right?

Also if you are good your topics might get included in section News on our website.

Awards fund per month you will find here.

Who can participate in our little contest? Everyone exept premium users which already have acess to our premium sections. 


We wish you happy writing, happy helping and happy getting rewarded for it ;)



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